About Me

I’m a freelance writer for businesses and the media.

My work in journalism has appeared in Advertising Age, Al Jazeera, BusinessWeek, Latin Finance, Latin Trade, Platts, The New York Times, Variety and other publications. Most of my reporting has been on business, energy, politics and technology in Argentina and Latin America.

Here’s what a fellow journalist wrote about me:

Charles Newbery is… someone who tries to see both sides and who reports from the center. They are rare birds these days.” – Robert Cox

What else?

I’ve copyedited the Tokyo Journal and written blog posts, marketing material, newsletters, press releases, websites and white papers for businesses, as well as Spanish-to-English translations. Clients have included Alexander Hughes, GeoPark, The Walt Disney Company and the 9 Mile Music Festival. I’ve also written research reports on the financial markets, industries and politics to help clients make decisions on what to do with their businesses or investments in Latin America.

I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina with my wife and three children. When not writing, I run, write down the funny things my kids do and say, and try to get to the beach to surf. It’s a long drive.